Battletoads Double Dragon

General / 14 November 2019

So if you have not guessed by now, the new character is one of the Double Dragons. I made the Battletoad (Rash) model a few years ago and thought it would be fun to make the human character (Billy Lee) as well. All renders are straight from Marmoset Toolbag. 


I'm ready to rumble! No-one can match my twisting typhoon kick!

New Character WIP - 08

General / 08 November 2019

Model and textures are done. Next I'll pose him and upload in the Marmoset Viewer.



New Character WIP - 07

General / 04 November 2019

Added the hair and some texture tweaks, especially on the face. Still need to fix gloss/spec maps as well some costume elements. Any ideas, who this character may be? Hint can be seen from the back view. ^_^

New Character WIP - 06

General / 25 October 2019

Initial color map block-out. Gloss and Specular maps should add an additional level of reflective variation. Also, hair is still on the to-do list. 

New Character WIP - 05

General / 21 October 2019

Some details have been added to the vest model via the normal map and below I would like to share how I approached the task.

New Character WIP - 04

General / 19 August 2019

Starting some basic texture blockout. Also, instead of making all the small high poly details in ZBrush (such as stitches, pattern designs, etc) I will be adding them on the clothes the normal maps via texturing. In the next post I'll share my approach to this.

New Character WIP - 04

General / 05 August 2019

A little more progress on the pants and the vest. Also added the glove, which will be detailed further as well.

New Character WIP - 03

General / 02 August 2019

Update: boots modeling and working in some folds on the pants.

New Character WIP - 02

General / 01 August 2019

Basic clothes and hair block-out.

New Character WIP

General / 30 July 2019

Decided to finally create the character based on one of my favorite video games. Keep following for the reveal as the character takes shape.