New Character WIP - 04

General / 05 August 2019

A little more progress on the pants and the vest. Also added the glove, which will be detailed further as well.

New Character WIP - 03

General / 02 August 2019

Update: boots modeling and working in some folds on the pants.

New Character WIP - 02

General / 01 August 2019

Basic clothes and hair block-out.

New Character WIP

General / 30 July 2019

Decided to finally create the character based on one of my favorite video games. Keep following for the reveal as the character takes shape.


Real-Time Face | Lighting Tests

General / 07 June 2019

Putting some finishing touches and testing the model in various lighting conditions. 


Real-Time Hair

General / 24 May 2019

This is real-time hair using traditional method of alpha textures on polygon planes. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

When creating this hair style I realized that it easier to start laying out the alpha cards from the lowest point on the neck and building up layer by layer, instead of trying to squeeze in small strands underneath the top ones.  

Face Detailing

General / 14 April 2019

Here is another round of updates on the face surface details. Next will be Color (Albedo) map creation to test things out and see how they work together with the normal map.

Detail pass

General / 05 April 2019

Adding first pass of details. Further will need to accentuate the facial features and secondary details.

If anyone could share their preferred method of normal baking, I'd really appreciate it. I tired both Maya bake and XNormal bake and it seems that Maya transferred sharper details. The only issue is that Maya limits normal bake to 4K and I am aiming for 8K normal map. I have not tried Marmoset baking yet, so I give that a go as well. Thanks for looking!

New Character

General / 03 April 2019

This is  a character work in progress. I am planning to texture this head in 8K resolution. 



General / 27 March 2019

Most people know him as the vocalist on the very popular 90's electronic band Prodigy. I personally think he was an icon to the whole generation. Such a bright and charismatic figure.  Rest in peace, Keith Flint.