Happy Spring Festival!

General / 03 February 2019

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. Wish everyone who celebrates good fortune and lots of HongBao! :)

Model sculpted in ZBrush and render in Marmoset Toolbag 3.


General / 24 January 2019

Quick sketch. I used one of my base meshes for the model. Roughly sculpted the hair and make clothes in Marvelous Designer. 

Stay Cozy

General / 28 December 2018

Asian Female Face

General / 10 December 2018

Female face with some haircut variations.

Female Bust

General / 05 December 2018

Just a small practice sculpting female bust.

Muscular Male

General / 04 December 2018

This model was sculpted in ZBrush by using my previously made basemesh. You can see the animation from the average to muscluar body type in GIF in the bottom of the post.








Balancing Act

General / 22 November 2018

Blendshape animation between two body types. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

Female Head Planes

General / 04 November 2018

A little study of a female head planes and rhythms. I used the pinch brush in the Sculptris Pro mode.


General / 03 November 2018

Blendshapes animation test based on the three body types (overweight, average, athletic).

Athletic Female

General / 26 October 2018

Sculpting a muscular woman is quite challenging. The essence of the female form is soft curves, which is largely contributed by the fatty tissue of the body. Once you start adding muscle, the body becomes more lean by burning fat, thus taking out the femininity of the subject. Another key component that is being compromised is the breast (which is also mostly made up of fat). 💪👩