French Bulldog Game-Ready

Frenchbulldog by alexlashko

Realistic French Bulldog Real-Time 3D Model-----------------------------------Preview: Marmoset Viewer This model is designed for the next-gen real time engines using Physically Based Rendering (PBR), however it may be used with other renderers (i.e. mental ray, v-ray, etc).- Fully textured, it has clean and efficient edge flow, following the anatomy of the dog.- UV’s are laid out and non-intersecting.- It is ready for rigging and smooth-able.- All objects are named and organized.- Model includes open and closed mouth options (see preview images for reference).-----------------------------------Package includes://Source files-Zbrush model (7 levels of subdivision) “open mouth” state is on separate layer-Maya (low resolution) includes animation for open/close mouth-OBJ (low resolution)-FBX (low resolution)-Marmoset Toolbag scene

//TexturesCOLOR (ALBEDO) – PNG – 4096 four coat variations: white and tan spots, fawn, black and brindleNORMAL – PNG - 4096SPECULAR – PNG - 4096GLOSS – PNG – 4096TRANSLUCENCY – PNG – 1024*PSD source file for Color, Specular and Gloss included. Coat color and fur patterns can be easily adjusted in designated layers, while keeping all the details intact.-----------------------------------Triangle Count: Total 16680 Verts: 8846Body – 7548 triEyes – 2124 triTeeth – 3464 triTongue – 136 triGums – 932 triClaws – 1296 triWhiskers – 1280 triAbove objects are all modeled separately.-----------------------------------Thanks for looking!

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