New Character WIP - 07

General / 04 November 2019

Added the hair and some texture tweaks, especially on the face. Still need to fix gloss/spec maps as well some costume elements. Any ideas, who this character may be? Hint can be seen from the back view. ^_^

New Character WIP - 06

General / 25 October 2019

Initial color map block-out. Gloss and Specular maps should add an additional level of reflective variation. Also, hair is still on the to-do list. 

New Character WIP - 05

General / 21 October 2019

Some details have been added to the vest model via the normal map and below I would like to share how I approached the task.

New Character WIP - 04

General / 19 August 2019

Starting some basic texture blockout. Also, instead of making all the small high poly details in ZBrush (such as stitches, pattern designs, etc) I will be adding them on the clothes the normal maps via texturing. In the next post I'll share my approach to this.

New Character WIP - 04

General / 05 August 2019

A little more progress on the pants and the vest. Also added the glove, which will be detailed further as well.

New Character WIP - 03

General / 02 August 2019

Update: boots modeling and working in some folds on the pants.

New Character WIP - 02

General / 01 August 2019

Basic clothes and hair block-out.

New Character WIP

General / 30 July 2019

Decided to finally create the character based on one of my favorite video games. Keep following for the reveal as the character takes shape.


Real-Time Face | Lighting Tests

General / 07 June 2019

Putting some finishing touches and testing the model in various lighting conditions. 


Real-Time Hair

General / 24 May 2019

This is real-time hair using traditional method of alpha textures on polygon planes. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

When creating this hair style I realized that it easier to start laying out the alpha cards from the lowest point on the neck and building up layer by layer, instead of trying to squeeze in small strands underneath the top ones.